This week, in the Eastern Hockey League (EHL) the spotlight is on three standout players who have been lighting up the ice with their performances. As the season gains momentum these athletes have not guided their teams to victory. Have also embodied the competitive and sportsmanlike spirit that defines the EHL. Lets delve deeper into the EHL Stars of the Week for September 11 2017.

  1. Alex Thompson. Forward, Boston Jr. Rangers

Alex Thompson has been outstanding for the Boston Jr. Rangers showcasing his playmaking skills and scoring ability. In the week Thompson scored a 6 goals and provided 4 assists, including a crucial game winning goal in overtime against a formidable opponent. His knack for scoring goals and setting up his teammates has played a role in the Jr. Rangers early season success.

  1. Luke Daniels. Defenseman, Vermont Lumberjacks

On defense Luke Daniels of the Vermont Lumberjacks has not impressed with his prowess but also made significant contributions, on offense.
This week Daniels made a mark with 3 goals and 5 assists showcasing skills for a defenseman. His standout moment was a power play goal that contributed to the Lumberjacks victory. In addition, to his scoring abilities, Daniels’ leadership and composure in pressure situations have been crucial for his team.

In the goaltending department Michael Vincent from the Philadelphia Revolution has been outstanding boasting a 0.945 save percentage and achieving two shutouts. Vincents highlight was a 42 save performance that secured a 1 0 win for the Revolution. His consistent play and quick reflexes have solidified his role as a player in the teams tactics.

Special mentions go out to players who made contributions this week:

  • Carter Johnson, Forward for the New Hampshire Avalanche stood out with a hat trick and two assists in a high scoring match.
  • Dylan Smith, Defenseman, for the Connecticut Oilers showcased strong defensive skills and timely scoring to help his team stage a comeback victory.

Looking ahead in the season these EHL stars have set a standard of excellence with their performances.
Their accomplishments not showcase their skills but also emphasize the spirit of competition and the top notch quality of play, in the Eastern Hockey League. Fans teammates and coaches will surely be excited to see what these players have in store for the weeks.

Kudos to the standout players of the week in EHL, for September 11 2017. Their commitment, effort and remarkable displays consistently contribute to maintaining EHLs reputation as one of the hockey leagues nationwide.

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