This week in Tier 3 Junior Hockey starting on September 8 2017 has been buzzing with early season excitement as the cool autumn breeze sweeps through the rinks. Its been a week filled with displays of skill, passion and thrilling hockey moments around. From showings, to crucial team triumphs lets delve into the standout events that have shaped this dynamic week in Tier 3 Junior Hockey.

Highlighted Match; Philadelphia Revolution vs. New Jersey Renegades

A captivating clash unfolded between the Philadelphia Revolution and the New Jersey Renegades in what became a showdown. The game was a battle with a score of 6 5 in favor of the Revolution keeping fans on the edge of their seats until the very end. It showcased the strengths of both teams culminating in Alex Thompson of the Revolution netting the winning goal during the closing minutes of the period. This match set a thrilling tone for what looks to be an fiercely competitive season

Player Spotlight; Michael Vincent – Goaltender for Philadelphia Revolution

Among a plethora of performances this week goaltender Michael Vincent, from the Philadelphia Revolution shines brightly. Deserves special acknowledgment.
The game of the week showcased Vincents performance under pressure making saves to keep his team competitive. There’s already talk of him potentially being an MVP candidate if he maintains this level of play.

Keep an eye, on the Maine Moose this season as they have started strong with a string of victories leading their division. Their success is credited to a united team effort with everyone contributing. The Mooses disciplined style and solid goaltending have made them a tough opponent in the season.

In his rookie season Ethan Clarke from the New Jersey 87s has been a standout player with his speed, skill and hockey knowledge evident in every game. Fans and scouts are impressed by his adaptability and composure, on the ice making him one to watch as the season unfolds.
Looking Forward

As we progress deeper into the 2017 Tier 3 Junior Hockey season the competition is heating up. Teams are starting to hit their stride and players are vying to prove themselves as contenders, in the league. The upcoming week holds the promise of excitement, tension and unforgettable moments on the ice.

Keep an eye on our Tier 3 Junior Hockey website for updates player interviews and detailed insights as we track the journey of these talented young athletes, through an action packed hockey season.

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