In 2017 standout players emerged in the Tier 3 Junior Hockey league displaying skills, determination and sportsmanship. This past week was no different as a few athletes showcased their talents and played roles in their teams victories. Lets take a look, at the standout performers in Tier 3 Junior Hockey for the year 2017 who have caught the attention of fans and experts with their performances.

Forward: Kevin Miller from Danbury Jr. Hat Tricks

Kevin Miller has been a force for the Danbury Jr. Hat Tricks demonstrating his scoring prowess and playmaking abilities. He accumulated a total of 7 points this week scoring 4 goals and providing 3 assists to help his team secure wins. His standout moment occurred during a game where he scored twice and assisted another goal showcasing his ability to shine under pressure.

Defenseman: Tyler Johnson, from Maine Moose

On defense Tyler Johnson of the Maine Moose has established himself as a defender and a surprising offensive threat. Johnson contributed 5 points from the line highlighting his adaptability and playmaking skills on the ice.
His strong defensive skills were really impressive especially when he faced opponents blocking shots and disrupting their plays. Johnsons leadership and overall performance have been crucial, for the Mooses success.

Goaltender: Alex Peterson, of the Philadelphia Little Flyers

Alex Peterson was a standout in goal for the Philadelphia Little Flyers with a.950 save percentage across two games, including a shutout victory. His quick reflexes and composed demeanor under pressure played a role in matches earning him praise from both coaches and teammates. His ability to make saves at moments has solidified his position as a key player in the Little Flyers defensive tactics.

Newcomer: Ethan Clarke, of the New Jersey 87s

Ethan Clarke, a rookie has adapted swiftly to the speed and physicality of Tier 3 Junior Hockey making an impact for the New Jersey 87s. With 3 goals and 2 assists to his name Clarke has showcased shooting skills and an instinct for being in the place at the right time. His smooth transition into a role on his team underscores his potential and promising future ahead.

Honorable Mention: Lucas Davidson, of the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Knights

Lucas Davidson deserves recognition for his performance on both defensive fronts, for the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Knights.
Davidsons rounded performance, which involves scoring goals and offering strong defensive skills has played a vital role in close games earning him admiration and respect, from others in the league.

In Brief

The standout players in Tier 3 Junior Hockey this week have raised the bar with their performances. Their impact goes beyond statistics motivating their teammates and captivating fans with their commitment and talent. As the 2017 season progresses these athletes have showcased their ability to influence game outcomes with their skills. Kudos, to these performers of the week who are making Tier 3 Junior Hockey an competitive league.

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