Deity[ edit ] It always seem to me that Q was "God. I love God aqnd I love Q.

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Shensey talk28 March UTC The first two paragraphs of this article are duplicate to a degree. The sentence says he "reverted" suggesting a change contradicting the phrase "unchanged attitude". This article seems to paint Q's intentions in that episode as being more benevolent, saving humanity as if we hadn't caused it. If you insist, episodes themselves are the most reliable source there is. I'll give it a day to see if anyone else wants to chime in and then change it Considering the Treek are played by chats, they obviously have to cht some trek but neither their labels nor actors' gender can actually be used as evidence of their gender.

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If there is other other fair use media, consider checking that you have specified the fair use rationale on the other images used on this. He caused Picard's shifting in time, apparently just to screw with him, knowing that Picard's time shifting would lead to the end of humanity. I don't have sufficient knowledge to fix the article myself, but if someone else would undertake the work, I would be appreciative.

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The following sentence says that this quote "makes the two episodes contiguous. I know I'm an old stupid drunk jerk.

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All of sources are reliable. When she used them anyway, Q came back and she willingly went with him. After he demonstrated that he couldn't live among humans without harming them, the super-powerful beings came and took him back to live with them. They just can do anything, manipulation of logic. Q could choose to appear female if it wanted to.

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Dphilp75 talk1 June UTC go for it. But you are missing the larger point, which has been pointed out to you by above editors: even if you are correct in your interpretation of whether or not Q is omnipotent, that is not what the lead says.

So the Borg were already in the area. This is a new though to me just now, but I thought perhaps since Q seems to explain Star Trek Next Generation in a mysterious way, and chay the character himself is not defined as a single person. He's a complex character, and at times he torments the characters for fun, other times to teach them a lesson, and sometimes because he needs help, but at no point is he heroic!

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It's past time for you to recognize that consensus. I don't believe are applicable to an omnipotent species who mates by touching fingers. When he was stripped off his powers, he couldn't resist. All that chay is whether he is stated to be omnipotent. As best I know, and as best we can define, the parent of the child Sexy girls meet Grass Range Montana does not carry the child and is not a chat is a male.

Omnipotence[ edit ] The current revision, by Jade Cyat Facecontains the following in the lead: he and his fellow Q are said to be omnipotent which is proven wrong, when Q was stripped of his powers by others of his race I think the bracketed section should be removed. John DeLancie said here that both characters have a lot of similarities and - maybe - Roddenbery directly or indirectly trek about Trelane when he developed, Q but it we may never know.

Also, I don't think contiguous is the proper word here, perhaps consistent? Stop reverting my editations now. I have never said "I saw it in episode X".

It's not don't know, don't care. The statement is that he is "said to be omnipotent" chaf this is true regardless of whether he actually is omnipotent.

They had actually used their powers to do something I forget trkso the Q killed them with a tornado. I will change his classification to male untill proof to the contrary arises -- Anything else is original research. I hope this helps??? So, in summary, I guess I disagree with you on the grounds that you're used humanistic terms to an omnipotent species played by human actors.