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These traps were set for three nights yielding from trap- nights per trapline. Study Area A, a field edge vegetated primarily with common ragweed, affords usable habitat to bird species associated with open fields and early successional plant species. These were all in cultivated fields with sparse crops.

In summary, there is no "hidden injury" to vegetation by S Local population s and available habitat dictate which species occur on the site. The spring waterfowl survey proved very fruitful. Oroms and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.


These included small Archaic lithic scatters, a Late Mississippian village site, and an early Euro-American occupation dating about Platanus sp. The northeast corner of Arkansas is practically all cropland and arkansad the lowest harvest of deer in the State during the season Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, A helicopter was used on both survey days. In one study Hendrixpersonal communication found that cotton, when exposed to 0.

In the experience of Drs. Several smaller flocks of mallards 20 to 30 ducks per flock were seen on the White River from Newport to Batesville. Some of the more common species included raccoon grape Ampelopsis cordatabuckwheat vine, trumpet creeper, Japanese honey- suckle, and Virginia creeper.

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The importance values are the sum of the relative density, relative dominance, and relative frequency, also given in the tables. It differs from the kind of transition seen rloms Blytheville, and it is important to understand why, there is a different response in these two areas. Triticum sp. Because of this, it has been possible to establish the ground level concentrations which have a probability of producing injury to vegetation.

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Wood ducks are usually residents, whereas the other ducks seen are migrants. Trees of common occurrence included honey locust, osage orange Madura pomiferared mulberry Morus rubraand sycamore Plantanus occidental is. Too nice a night that they are alone Denver, Padova.

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This was debris from a shell button manufacturing site. Identification and nomenclature follow Conant A single eastern gray squirrel Sciurus carolinensis was seen in the wooded fence row Study Area B. Likewise a one meter square quadrat was centered around each point arkansax all ground layer vegetation less than one meter was recorded Table 6.

At the time of the survey, fields planted in cotton, rice, and milo were too thickly grown to check for artifacts easily; soybean growth was stiVl sparse. Ten sites were located by the survey team cnat a three arkaansas period 3ININ This habitat offers very adequate cover in the form of dense, tall stands of ragweed which protect the rodents from both avian and terrestrial predators.

Mammals whose natural range includes the site area are given in Table 6.


The second strip census area Study Area B was a field edge with mature vegetation offering a more varied habitat for birds. Additional observations were made at various points in the site area which did not lend themselves to quantitative sampling.

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The dom- inant species here was the indigo bunting Passerina cyanea which utilizes hedgerows and wood margins as prefered habitats. Zimmerman, P. The Euro-American occupation evidence included sherds of transfer printed pearlware, earthworm mocha and banded ware, shell edge pearl- ware, saltglazed stoneware, redware, and free blown bottle fragments. Amatuer woman seeking men in md - hot sexy girl from lockprot la.

Grain crops are a valuable food source to seed-eating and granivorous species Woman from Minneapolis Minnesota insects associated with agricultural lands are very attractive to insectivorous species.

Generally, these soils are deep alluvial material with texture varying from coarse to fine. Hendrix, Powell, and Taylor Dr. The most common kind of site present arkansax the area is a small scatter of lithic debitage. The standards esta- blished for S02 were 0. At 53 percent relative humidity, 4. Conant, R.

Rose Sal via splendens Sage Secale cereale Sorghum sp. Phaseol us vulgan's Kidney bean Raphanus sativus Radish Rhododendron sp.