Natural Bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn: Liar or Legend?

“Mr. Universe” actor and model, multiple champion bodybuilder Michael O’Hearn – born January 26, 1969 in Seattle.

And he may have the most muscular body among 50-year-old men in the history of athleticism, in the last 100 years or more!

That’s all well and good, but the question of AS (anabolic agents) spoils the whole rosy picture a bit.

Three very unpleasant theses arise:

  1. he’s a liar, because natural bodybuilders don’t squat 300kg or bench press 200kg. “Naturals” don’t have 52cm biceps and don’t win bodybuilding competitions.
  2. He takes harmful drugs, which means he promotes an unhealthy lifestyle, and all his muscles and titles are really just a “blown bubble”.
  3. Mike’s training methods can not be useful for “natural bodybuilders” who train without “chemicals”, because all of his workouts are designed for “chemical training”.

Is it really that bad? Let’s try to break down these three points “on the facts” using reasoned arguments and “prufs”:

  1. Yes, Mike O’Hearn is a liar, and we forced him to be a liar! The system, the government, and therefore the voters, or vice versa, the organizers of the “phony election” in the United States (the exact culprits are unknown). The creators of the flawed and hypocritical system of law and justice are definitely not Mike, it is us the people. While doctors and scientists are defending dissertations about the benefits of small doses of ACs after 40, for male health and longevity, the government and sports organizations are banning ACs and legalizing “smoking” and “booze,” and in some countries even mild stoners. Old guys who have slept and stoned are less likely to live off their retirement money than are “chemist old guys.” Athletic old guys “zoners” are disadvantageous to the state!

Look at Mike, Arnold, Stallone they certainly don’t do anything that is bad for his health, but are forced to lie that only orange juice in the morning is to blame for their shape. And yet their advice could very well help the millions of men after 40 suffering from impotence, sarcopenia and obesity! Instead, there is open promotion of smoking, alcoholism and “dope” in movies and TV shows, in almost every comedy. I’m not judging Mike, write your opinion in the comments below too!

  1. Drugs are not the same as drugs. While silly teenagers ruin their health with cheap and sometimes counterfeit “chemicals”, earning themselves pus pimples all over the body and gynecomastia or “bitch boobs” from an overdose of cheap pills, experienced and cautious athletes use quality sports pharmaceuticals under the guidance of experienced doctors. Mike’s perfect skin would be the envy of many girls, and his chest does not have the slightest sign of “gyno”.

His organs are clearly fine, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to train hard and have a healthy look. There’s no such thing as blown muscles, they’re not balloons you can inflate. The exception is Kirill Tereshin’s “Bazooka Hands” muscles, but they are nothing like Mike’s iron muscles. It is obvious that every muscle bundle in O’Hearn’s body has undergone thousands of sets, he has been grinding and growing his body for years! It’s enough to see one workout of this guy to understand what a hell of a job it is, year after year.