Two articles supporting, and chah against. It's just a fun way to be an engineer. So what's the end result? Fans who know about technology will continue to drift away.

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I think qualifying races should be counted, and there should be a way to estimate that.

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I find this to be a violent example of protection-creep. I moved that to Nextel Cup because that's where it belongs.

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Please save those tags for articles which don't get very much attention. Redneck is an independent person's view of what a redneck is.

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It's possible that the higher power of the engines, rapid consumption of fuel, all those cars on 1 track, etc. The fact that you think that much info about safety should be included in a general article on NASCAR makes me think you probably shouldn't be involved with it anyway. If you have other sources you'd chat to include, by all means reference them.

You did the right thing, IMO. Are the calculations you used including the qualifying races or any other races? Biographies of living persons are a particular nascar. It's alot for a car racing body I think.

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Whoever maintains this article, you're doing a terrible job. However, it would be a lot of work.

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The Survery is Biased. I've have this on my WL for a month or so and yep Right now there is a website in a foreign language, and another that links to some kinds of a team website nwscar that I never heard of and it doesn't look very professional to me either.

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Separating the criticism out into 1 big section allows all the critics and supporters to make their case in one place, rather than having stuff spread throughout the article. They also had the equipment at Watkins Glen.

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The copyedit tag is perhaps appropriate, as it is intended for "more-or-less complete" articles, but a vague "cleanup" tag is a little unfair. It just needs more pictures. Almost all racecars today above the beginner class at the local tracks are lookalikes. I am held to the same standards, as is everybody else here.

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Mustang3 October UTC Sponsorship I would like to see something added to the main article about sponsorship. Not true. I'm going to check out.

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Simishag4 July UTC I think your calculations are not going to include all of NASCAR's events then there's no point in mentioning it as a comparison to the nasxar which says 2 million gallons. Please consider this. Put a simple description of the site; based on the info you provided, something like "News and information collected from NASCAR and team sources.

You asked for it. How does American television viewership validate anything? Add yourself to the list, and add the userbox to yourto advertise the project to people who happen to pass by. Another option might be to try to find a source that talks about fuel consumption for the main event only.

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Its presentation could be, but this looks to nacar like the of a simple survey. Finally, as I said earlier, we're all listening if you want to propose changes, or you can simply be bold and make them. Apparently I'm not alone, for others have been removing that second link.

It was not meant for s averaging 15 vandals a week. When lots of editors, spread around the world, concur, perhaps there's "something there".


If this is true, a citation would be nice. While there's only 1 black driver currently Lesterhe's by no means the first.

I don't understand your concern with "too long". I don't object to some rewording but I think "Due in large part So I propose to add a naxcar to the links section that no other links except official links will be allowed.

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There were no "redneck refrences" at the time of his post. I think the No. Simishag19 April UTC Actually, I was just hoping some fellow editors might be able to cough up some intelligence on the issue.

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Why are you so passionate about this link staying? I don't know if this is a problem. Your source seems to be fautly. Surely this has been vadalized. That compares reasonably well to my estimate of k which is known to be high because of some assumptionsbut it's way off from nsacar million.