Jump to Text For Humanity: what happened when I sent happy thoughts to strangers The premise is simple: send a feel-good message, then receive one back. But can a 'positivity switchboard' really help mwssage writer's outlook? Thanks Fabeku! Never forget that!

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In an interactive class, children are introduced to a character called Clever the Robot.

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People you meet this way might not feel like strangers, the workshop warns, but you never agree to go anywhere with them nessage real life. About sharing image captionSay No to Strangers - a film produced by the Home Office and shown across the UK Many parents remember the "Stranger Danger" message given to children during the s and 80s.

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Newiss researched Stranger Danger as part of a group assembled by the National Crime Agency four years ago. Children are taught things have now turned unsafe, "because he's asked them to go with him and that's not good, Clever Never Goes.

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A key message of the workshop is that interactions with strangers are not necessarily dangerous. Thanks Fabeku! The next stage is to evaluate it. There is also potentially a danger in allowing unsupervised contact with strangers to build up over time, she says. But a new message is being trialled in the UK, which its creators think is better at keeping children safe.

Morgan says it has given her son more freedom and independence.

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Hard, isn't it? Hear more Learn more about Clever Never Goes in the latest People Fixing the World podcast from the BBC World Service Children watch a series of videos showing scenarios with adults approaching children, and they have to decide how to react. But there are also scenarios where interactions with strangers are described as benign. There were stark warnings such as: "You don't want to end up dead or in hospital, say 'No' to strangers!

Of course the clear message remains that this is unsafe and children must move away and find a trusted adult. Strangees, the moment children need to be wary of is when an adult, including ones they already know, asks them to go somewhere with them unexpectedly. But she felt the Stranger Danger message she was teaching - which she herself messagf grown up with - was unhealthy for her six-year-old son, making him too afraid of the world.

This could build up trust that a malicious person might capitalise on.

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And yes, sharing a positive message or a motivational comment with someone is cited as one of the random acts of kindness which can bring these benefits. Like any parent she wanted to keep her child safe. Jump to Text For Humanity: what happened when I sent happy thoughts to strangers The premise is simple: send a feel-good message, then receive one back. While parents have a natural fear of the predatory stranger, she thinks, Clever Never Goes addresses a more realistic risk.

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The Stranger Danger message is still deeply ingrained in their psyches. Strangrs for many parents the new teachings may be difficult to accept. Newiss agrees that we have to give children the tools to manage their own risk. And secondly, it began to occur to me that if I could pass along self-help messages to be enjoyed by perfect strangers, College dating tip I could turn some of that good intent inwards.

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Never forget that! When you look back at the Stranger Danger message, he says, there was a sense that "a bit of fear won't do them any harm". However, I have been surprised to find that receiving random platitudes from people I've never met can really put a smile on my face. Msesage got frightened and confused, couldn't sleep at night and was worried somebody was breaking into the house.

Moments later, I received my first message back from the ether. Sit for a moment and have a think about what you could say to someone, without any sort of context, to make them a little bit happier. Related Topics. So I went lighthearted: I sent puns and jokes; I ordered my recipients to treat themselves to a doughnut, or, failing that, a good walk.

It works simply enough. This is what police call "the lure". Pupils in the workshop are asked if this is OK, and the answer given is that this is not an unsafe situation though children might feel a bit "Hmmm?

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Telegraph newsletter REFERRAL article I thought about the things that would cheer me up on a really horrible day: a stupid joke, a good lunch, getting some fresh air. A man pulls up in a car and offers some sweets and a ride.

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Some scenes are reminiscent of the old Stranger Danger videos. But there were reservations among civil servants at the time and some worried children's fears were being heightened to an unhealthy degree, according to Geoff Newiss of the charity Action Against Abduction.

Teaching Kids About Not 'Talking To Strangers' In The Digital World

It followed a spate of high-profile abductions and killings, including the Moors and Cannock Chase murders. But can a 'positivity switchboard' really help our writer's outlook? It inspired him to devise a new safety message for children, which strangres thinks is more fit for purpose - not least because the majority of abductions are committed by an adult already known to the.

The effect was two-fold.

Many computer games popular with primary-school-age children involve live online chatting. Fear just knocks their confidence. He has a special power for spotting danger, with a dial on his chest that re "Safe, Hmmm? Another word tile from a total stranger Sending messages quickly became a more positive experience for me than receiving them.