List of all NON US born Tier 3 Junior Hockey Players

In the realm of hockey Tier 3 Junior Hockey teams often recruit players, from countries to enrich their rosters. These international players bring a blend of skills playing styles and experiences that elevate both their teams and the league as a whole. Presented below is a lineup of players from nations who participated in the 2016 17 Tier 3 Junior Hockey season. This roster showcases the talent that contributes to the atmosphere of the leagues.


Dmitri Ivanov (Russia). A forward renowned for his puck handling and scoring abilities Ivanov has played a role for his team by influencing their offensive strategies significantly.

Lukas Müller (Germany). Müller contributes playmaking skills to his team showcasing an aptitude for setting up goals and exemplifying a work that serves as an inspiring example for his teammates.


Erik Johansson (Sweden). Acknowledged for his on ice performance and impact on power plays, Johanssons composure under pressure and leadership qualities have solidified his position as a figure on defense.

Liam O’Sullivan (Ireland). O’Sullivan stands out among athletes in the league for his style of play and defensive reliability. His dedication, to the sport and continual improvement have been truly remarkable.


Alexei Dubrovsky of Belarus has really impressed with his reflexes and consistent performance, in goal giving his team a fighting chance in every match. His ability to adapt to playing styles has been truly exceptional.

Representing Italy Marco Rossi stands out for his goaltending skills and athleticism proving to be an asset for his team. His performance on the ice has captured the attention of talent scouts at levels.

Players with Versatility

Henrik Larsen from Denmark excels as a player who can seamlessly transition between positions adding flexibility to his team. His ability to adapt and deep understanding of the game significantly benefit his teams options.

Frances Jean Luc Fournier brings speed and skill to the forefront demonstrating a knack for creating scoring opportunities. His love for hockey and commitment to teamwork serve as sources of inspiration.

Important Note

This selection is not exhaustive but provides a glimpse into the talent in Tier 3 Junior Hockey. Player transfers are common in this setting leading to changing team rosters.

If you know of any players from, outside the United States who participated in the 2016 17 season but are not mentioned here please share their details so we can include them in our records.

In Tier 3 Junior Hockey having players doesn’t just boost competition; it also fosters a spirit of camaraderie and cultural exchange, in the sport. Their diverse backgrounds and life stories enrich the league making it a warm and inclusive community.