Mozart MB? Many other cultural performances and artifacts are entering the digital realm, such as classroom lectures, lecture notes and textbooks, scanned paintings, and government publications. Thus, digital documents are both ubiquitous, by virtue of their global range, and are a universal medium for archiving the record of culture, by virtue of their size and ability to represent cultural expressions in all other media. Relative to physical counterparts: Copying these works millions of times is inexpensive; and, Distributing these works to millions is possible in seconds; and, Saving these works is relatively inexpensive and compact; and, Organizing these works is easier because they can be searched, and reordered in seconds; and, Collaboration in making these works is possible between people all over the world, and Processing these artifacts directly with a computer opens the possibility of building a library of human knowledge that can find patterns that people would be unlikely to find. Two consequences for the problem of digital archives are worth noting. First, digital documents are at once tangible representation in code and at the same time intangible the code is meaningless unless transmitted and representedthus what must be preserved is the totality of a dynamic performance consisting of both text and context -- the unit of knowledge is the entire Web, Calgary milfs Neosho Wisconsin WI time.

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For example, sociologist Howard Becker notes that the emergence of new modes of digital visualization is the first time that there has been innovation in the representation of data since the invention of the bar chart, pie chart and histogram several centuries ago.

Cultural institutions like universities, publishers, theaters and symphonies are dedicated to enacting the cultural traditions which we call civilization, and institutions like libraries, museums, and archives are dedicated to collecting, organizing, conserving and preserving cultural artifacts. It is richly woven into the fabric of the Internet by having stable URL's to which other sites can point.

By collecting, indexing, and offering a smooth interface to public Netnews postings a bulletin board system with over 30, discussions andpostings a dayDejaNews changes the nature of Netnews to an Casual sex Savannah literature that can be used as a reference resource. After analyzing search engine data from Alexa Internet, Mike Lesk commented that "free" is the most used search term, not "sex," as might have been predicted; sex ranks second, and "free sex" is the most used phrase.

The first step in the archeology of the Web has been to use other kinds of cultural artifacts as guiding metaphors, as if it is a text or library, in order to understand its deep structures. It cleans up well so take it how you wish. Innovation is not simply a matter of digitizing the print record, but of inventing new kinds of literatures.

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What is the nature of personal identity on the Web? And yet, most of the guide services through the Web are not digital libraries, because they fail to describe its totality, having uniteed the model of library catalogs deed to index the intellectual world of a century ago see, for example, Steve Lawrence and C.


Collectively, they begin to unitrd some baseline questions about the Web as a cultural artifact: What is the Web, described as a technical artifact? Print made possible institutions, in the modern sense of the word in which social order dhat based upon record keeping. A transnational financial market? In this way, we find that archiving the web may have to be done comprehensively, rather than just a sample here or there to understand the web phenomenon.

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Who will serve consumers by producing authoritative high quality digital formats? The typical Web hext 15 hypertext links to other s or objects and 5 imbedded objects such as sounds or images.

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Secondly, digital cultural artifacts are not the property of cultural elites, for this medium is profoundly democratic -- millions of people are creating cultural artifacts in intangible forms, using computers and unietd. The median size for a Web site was about s; only 50 sites had more than cgat, s; the most popular sites ed for chaat half of all traffic. Alexa Internet is mapping, trying to discover the structure of the Web by understanding how its information is used.

First, digital documents are at once tangible representation in code and at the same time intangible the code is meaningless unless transmitted and representedthus what must be preserved is the totality of a dynamic performance consisting of both text and context -- the unit of knowledge is the entire Web, over time.

What is the Web, described in terms of the social functions of digital documents? Thus, it has become the de facto standard for information about actors, movies, and other related information. It does however still get horribly compacted in the primer pockets. It also is quite big bits of media and they always lodges in the primer pocket normally in the sifting process media fall out, but this stuff doesn't.

It is original unitex although other communication technologies are global, this one has no central control points other, perhaps, than the definition of technical standards. Many of these concerns resolve into sociological questions. Cambridge: Cambridge Looking to go out otnight Press, Consider just a few of these questions, seen through the lens of the transitions from manuscripts to print.

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The information about the site can be seen as a card catalog entry about that section of the web. The key questions about it are not to be answered in the nature of its artifacts alone, but in the emerging social forms which are made possible by these new media: What is a virtual community?

In this way it is similar to Amazon. In print, a literature is interconnected by citations and has structure because it has been filtered by editorial boards before publication; on the Web, new technologies must be created to define quality and to discover organization. Most striking is that AltaVista can search the equivalent of a stack of paper KM high for a single word in half a second, and can do this simultaneously for users.

Alexa Internet has created an archive of "document missing" Web s, because although the World Wide Web is now growing at an estimated 1. Although HTML seems new, it is ultimately an implementation of 3x5 card technology on a global scale.


Record keeping combined with archival preservation of other kinds of documents makes possible the historical memory that gives culture continuity and depth. In mid it took about GB to store the text of a snapshot of the public Web, and about 2TB to store non-text files. These metaphors are useful, but limited. The World Wide Web as a Cultural Artifact Although the Web is an original new medium for cultural expression, like all new modes of representation of knowledge the first experiments are likely to imitate the forms of past media.

But the Web, of course, is not a true library collection, one selected specifically to meet the information needs of a given community, nor is it an archive, preserving the historical memory of a given institution. However, these metaphors compare the Web to an institution -- a library or an archive -- rather than defining it as a new kind of cultural artifact that will require the invention of new kinds of institutions and management techniques.

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What kinds of libraries and archives will preserve the sciences made possible by digital documents? Alexa Internet and the Internet Archive are only two examples of cultural innovation in the development of a Web literature. It took a long time to work how it should though.

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Indeed, what new kinds of institutions are possible in cyberspace, and what technologies will chxt them? An archive has the mission of preserving primary documents, generally associated with the history of a particular institution, and often requires specialist knowledge to search. I still currently use the Lyman media as the first tumble and then move to polishing. A library provides the user with catalog technologies and services to search collections.