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Anybody who is interested in finding out about the Quebecors conditions in Canada, should see that movie. A gem.

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His Jewish girlfriend, an actress with a budding theatre career, does not share his concerns, leading to tension between the two. Claude leaves Montreal for the Quebec countryside to reflect on his life, and with quebeciis distance between them, their love fades.

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The actors were excellent. The film's themes, improvisational style, hand-held camera work and evocative music alled the emergence of a new generation of Quebec films and filmmakers.

Language French Le chat dans le sac English: The Cat in the Bag is a drama film by Gilles Groulxwhich played queebecois seminal role in the development of Quebec cinema. It was so good, artsy, the script was excellent and well documented on the condition of Quebec, I've learned from that movie.

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