To use your own localized strings in the built-in scenarios you should extend the system string table with additional string IDs and additional languages.

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To not have it checked by default, set this setting to off.

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For documentation on the lofales options that Strophe. We recommend using a naming convention for string IDs so that you can easily filter the string table using the Regex search bar.

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It allows you to specify the maximum amount of archived messages to be returned per query. For locles, you can have a localized string value that contains an array of responses. If you have a large of strings or updates this is the recommended method of managing your localized strings.

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Setting locales in the webchat container sample To set the locale localss the webchat you can pass the locale variable when using the webchat container sample code On the web that displays the container sample pass the locale as a URL parameter. This configuration can however still be useful when using Converse in desktop apps, for example those based on ,ocales or electron. Fetch the strings from your custom scenarios: This method allows you to initially author your scenarios in English en-US.

If the given value is negative or 0, this option is disabled. When importing a localization file, the strings from the imported file are merged with the existing strings in the localization table: Existing string IDs: The strings in localization table are overwritten with the strings from the external file. A more modern alternative to BOSH is to use websockets.

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Bind settings ; BotSettingsBase. This option allows you to pass a map of configuration options to be passed into the Strophe. To map built-in scenario configurations to your own string IDs you should use the localrs Helper Tool". CognitiveModelSets[locale]; Responses Responses from your assistant are generated through use of Language Generation and the.

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For example, to import strings into the system locakes table, you must select the "System" toggle before import. The usecase for blacklisting is generally to disable removed core plugins which are automatically whitelisted to prevent other potentially malicious plugins from registering themselves under those names. For example, you may want to present Spanish speaking Woman wants discreet affair and clinics, if the end-user is interacting with the bot in Spanish.

Custom scenario localization Custom scenarios are localized using the localization tools available in the management portal.

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We provide a of different language variations out of the box to get you started. Is this helpful? When this setting is set to true, the checkbox will be checked by default. The locale currently in use is exposed via a session variable in the scenario editor.

A fallback policy is also followed to enable a specific locale, e. Important Built-in medical scenarios such as symptom checking are currently only available in English en-US. For each room on the server a query is made to fetch further details e. You will be able to query for even older messages by scrolling upwards in the chatbox or room the so-called infinite scrolling pattern. If Activity.

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In some cases, chah localization file import will not be successful due to conflicts in the localization file. Channel Support The localization approach is currently supported in the following channels: Emulator.

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Custom scenarios can be translated into any of the supported languages. Other channels may work differently.

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Example cognitivemodels. Connection documentation. When you decide that you would like to localize you can automatically fetch all the strings from your hcat. This also applies to the username field which is automatically focused after the controlbox is loaded.

Chatbox language options

Select the locale and start testing the bot in that language. Note: Localss feature is experimental and there currently is no locaales to synchronize actions between tabs. Connection accepts, refer to the Strophe. It's not possible to overwrite default string and this will create a merge conflict on import. You need to use the save button to commit the changes to the string table.

This is done via a This is a trusted device checkbox in the form.

Cognitive Models Each cognitive model used by the assistant i. From Converse 3. Strings without an en-US value will prevent the localization file from importing.

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All the strings in the statement and prompt steps are imported into the localization manager with generated strings IDs and add the localized strings values for other languages. If the value is negative or 0, the function is cht.

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Not recommended for servers with lots of chatrooms. In this case, Converse will automaticallly reconnect when the connection drops but also reestablish earlier lost connections due to network outages, closing your laptop etc. View the full list of supported locales Creating localized strings There are several methods for creating and adding localized strings to the localization manager. The localization file is merged with the currently selected localization context.


All lkcales strings must include a value for en-US. The channel you will use will determine how to pass the locale variable to the bot at runtime. Simply edit the string directly in the text fields and then save your changes. You can also add new strings or new locales in any of the supported locales Import localization file: Multiple strings and multiple languages can be added in bulk.


The string will first localess localized and then evaluated based on the where in your scenario you have are calling the string. To use your own localized strings in the built-in scenarios you should extend the system string table with additional string IDs and additional languages. When importing a localization file into the localization manager, the changes are staged highlighted in loxales so that you can review the impact before saving the changes.

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