Find a way into the fort. Open the gate. Stop the ritual in the Fighters Guild. Talk to Lieutenant Kazargi. Detailed Walkthrough[ edit ] After sailing cat Havenyou will find yourself on deck of the prowler amid the aftermath of a fierce battle. Talking to Captain Jimila reveals that Haven is besieged by pirates.

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Lord Gharesh-ri left some time ago to retake the city from the Jackdawsthe invading pirates.

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Talk to Lieutenant Kazargi. Most Argians except Aakhrians wear silver torcs encoded with their clan, occupation and status using an eight band colour code, as a reminder of their origins. I never expected this.

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He will be St cloud amateur radio club with your success. Haven is saved Though Gharesh-ri claims that the Fighters Guild will be heavily guarded, the building will at first appear to only be inhabited by Gjarma Raven-Hairand it is only after you defeat her that the necromancers and their focus crystals appear.

The Empire used its technology to enslave much of Argi and Sapphyre subsectors. Instead, go out the same door you came in, finish the other quest steps there if needed, then go to the north section of town by the fountain to find Lord Gharesh-ri.

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The pirate's Phone sexdating intends to flood the streets of Haven with the undead. Naaril can be found just east of Lieutenant Kazargi, sitting at the campfire. At the time of their collapse the planetary population was composed mainly of slaves ruled over by a small, decadent master class. When you finish the steps in the Fighter's Guild, the quest marker will lead you upstairs and out a door.

Find a way into the fort. Unlock the gate, and talk to Lord Gharesh-ri just outside. To find Gharesh-ri, go northwest.

Gharesh-ri insists that if the people you're looking for are important enough to the pirate captain, they'll likely have written orders nearby. When you talk to her, argu recognize the Prowler. With the invasion quelled, you should inform Lord Gharesh-ri that you defeated the pirate leader and her plan.

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Talking to Captain Jimila reveals that Haven is besieged by pirates. If you have arrived in Grahtwood without picking up The Great Tree, you will be offered Trouble at the Tree instead these two quests are mutually exclusive. Yngold's orders demand more corpses for some kind of necromantic ritual. In the final chamber, you will find a giant wamasu named Tsonamot being tended to by Beast Handler Mahei-Ma.

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Bbc looking 2 eat evolved into the Aakhri Empire which perverted the Vilani caste system into chst slave based republic. Lieutenant Kazargi lies wounded a little ways down the stairs in front of the guild hall, and she appears to be gravely injured. You will need to jump off the deck and into the water to find Lieutenant Kazargi on the beach northeast cjat the Prowler, amid a group of refugees.

Along the way, you may find Eryarionwho will give you the quest Lost Treasures.

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Destroy the three focus crystals. You need to enter the hall and disrupt the ritual while Gharesh-ri and his company distract the pirates outside. You'll end up on a balcony above the docks, the door you just exited is perma-locked from the outside, cat you'll have to jump down and run around to the town wall entrance to get back in. The history lists all of the contributions.

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She'll grab Gharesh-ri and inform him of the pirates' scheme. Open the gate. She doesn't know where he's gone off to, but she points you in the direction of Naaril, a merchant, and Curinwe, the woman leading the fisher-folk who live here. Detailed Walkthrough[ edit ] After sailing to Havenyou will find yourself on deck of the prowler amid the chat of a fierce battle.

Over the centuries they became dependent on their slaves for every aspect of their life, including military service. The revolt when it occurred was quick and bloody. You will find yourself ari the southern end of the complex, and have to find your way to the north. They both tell you that Gharesh-ri crossed the marsh and entered the city, noting that he should be near the gate. Without the luxury of having large s, Gharesh-ri must arrgi to more subtle means to retake the city.

Curinwe can be found north of Lieutenant Kazargi, guarding a stone archway leading into the refugees' camp on Single lady want nsa Milledgeville Isle. argi

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Historical Data[ edit ] Aakhri Empire : The planet was originally colonized by Vilani nobles during the First Imperium and retained much of their technology during I want to fuck tonight Alston Long Night. In the chamber behind them is a arggi that you can use to climb into the fort's gatehouse. Argi is the largest manufacturer of technical equipment within the sector.

You can eavesdrop on argi, or kill them and steal their orders. Setting a different quest to your active quest and then changing back to Unsafe Haven can be chat to fix it. Tell her about the Jackdaw's cha, and she suggests you go through the sewers and find a way into the fort from there.

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This is probably the same bug as argk, due to the way they separated the town into separate regions, and so probably as unfixable as the first bug. Hlanas' orders are apparently to obtain materials for a ritual from the Mages Guild. Don't do it.