Tier 3 Junior Hockey Players | 1997’s

In Tier 3 Junior Hockey it’s vital to track the progress of players who age out as they move on to collegiate programs or higher level leagues. This showcases the leagues success, in nurturing talent. Here is a fictional list of players aging out after the 2017 18 season and their next steps.


Maxwell Johnson; Hes headed to the University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs (NCAA Division I) with his scoring prowess and leadership skills.

Liam Anderson; Hes joining the Fort Wayne Komets in the ECHL due, to his playmaking abilities.

Evan Roberts; Committed to Norwich University (NCAA Division III) for both hockey and an Engineering degree pursuit.Several NCAA Division III programs have shown interest. He is also looking into opportunities, in the United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL).

Alexei Ivanov. Ivanov has caught the attention of universities and is currently weighing his options. His impressive performance in the Tier 3 Junior Hockey league has paved the way for his hockey career and academic pursuits.

This group of players exemplifies the paths that Tier 3 Junior Hockey athletes can pursue as they progress in their careers. Whether advancing to competition levels committing to college programs or exploring prospects these young athletes have promising futures ahead of them. Their advancements are a point of pride for the Tier 3 Junior Hockey community. Serve as motivation for both future players, in the league.